BOLEX H16 Reflex

Of course, within a collection of 8mm amateur cameras it may be surprising to find this professional 16mm device. But the H16 is a great classic camera and it is so fascinating that I decided to include it here.

Manufacturer: Bolex-Paillard, Switzerland

H16 cameras were produced in different variants from 1935 to1976. The present one is a reflex type and dates from 1957.

Revolving turret with three C-mount threads. On mine are fitted the standard lens Kern Switar 16mm, a japanese wide angular lens with 10mm and a zoom (17 .. 85mm) by SOM Berthiot.

The spring motor can be disconnected and the camera can than be driven by an external (electric) motor.

Frame rates: 8 to 64 fps and single frame

Back winding (real backward operation!), frame counter and many more fascinating details.