CARENA Geva 8  (modèle 103)


What a wonderful and unique camera of the 1950s! The name indicates the cooperation between Carena (Liechtenstein) and Gevaert (Belgium). But what a surprise, inside the film compartment you read: "Made in France"! Further investigations will inform you that this camera was conceived by Jacques Broïdo (Pathé). Therefore it can be assumed that is was also built by Pathé for Carena.

Format: 2x8 mm

Presented in 1954

Handy and soft-shaped aluminium body, rosé wrinkle finish and a central band in brown leather.

Lens: SOM Berthiot  1,9 / 12,5 mm

Orange and red filter

Frame rates: 8, 16, 24, 32 fps and single frame.

Unique finder: front and back lens are normally hidden in the body and brought into position by a spring mechanism.