A great SLR camera made in Liechtenstein, very pleasant design, high level of technical refinement.

Manufacturer: Carena A.G., Mauren. In the 1950s the marketing of Carena cameras was performed by Gevaert (Belgium) and in the later years by an own commercial organisation located in Geneva/Switserland. Around 1970 the company gave up its activities. Only the name is still existing, mainly on Japanese products.

Start of production: 1962

Format: 2x8 mm

Lens: Angénieux 1,8 / 7,5 - 35 mm

Automatic exposure (PX1 battery required)

Frame rates: 8, 16, 24, 32 fps and single frame

Unique design: spring is located in the grip (Carena patent) with a small indicator for the remaining spring capacity.

Film loading is facilitated by a very clever guiding ramp.

User's Manual (German)