Eumig C3


Compact and very handy camera made by Eumig (Austria). This company was active in the area of audio devices (radios, tape recorders) and in that of cine equipment (8mm, 9,5mm, 16mm, cameras, projectors, accessories)

The massively sold type 'C3' was launched in 1954. It was, however, based on earlier models developed in the 1930s which were already very similar to the final C3 (to be mentioned the 'C39' of 1939 for 9,5mm film).

Format: 2x8 mm

Lens:  Eumigon 1:1,9 / 12,5 mm

Semi-automatic exposure.

Frame Rates: 8, 16, 32 fps and single frame.

For the amateurs of precision mechanics: A small plexi window in the film compartment gives sight to the film feed mechanism.

Further info: The C3 at the "Kameramuseum Teuber"
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