Eumig C5 Zoom Reflex

This is the first SLR camera created by Eumig.

Format: 2x8 mm

Launched in 1961.

Lens: Eumig 503 1,8/10-40 mm

The combined rotatory command of focal length and focusing looks very pleasant but it took time to get really used to.

Automatic exposure.

Electric motor (2 speeds) requires 5 AA type batteries.

With the arrival of zoom lenses the overall dimensions of 8mm amateur cameras exploded literally. The cameras before had a typical length of 12 or 13 cm, whereas the new ones now measured easily 20 to 25 cm! Eumig found a solution to this problem with the following concept (see photo at left): the lens is placed to a large extent inside the camera body. The film gate is located at the rear and the film rolls are both above the optical axis. That is the explanation of the pleasant shape and the relatively small dimensions of this zoom reflex camera.