EUMIG P8-auto


Very popular projector for 8mm movies, made in Austria. Several times Eumig updated the P8 series during its production period. The variants named "automatic" provide automatic film loading, which was not really a necessity but a general trend in the 1960s. A great advantage of the present one is, in my view, the possibility to remove completely and easily the whole automatic loading unit (photo below).

Manufacturer: Eumig, Vienna

The P8-automatic-novo was launched in 1961, other P8 types were in production from 1954 until 1964.

Lens: Eupro-Zoom 1,3 / 15-25mm

Bulb: 12V, 100W, Ba21s,
(novo type: 12V, 100W, GY6,35)

Forward, backward and still image review.

Frame rates: approx. 8 ... 24 fps.

Manual (French)