Eumig P8, the classic home movie projector made in Austria! Top quality and top design. There are a few details wich distinguish the P8 from other projectors of its time. One is the mains plug, it is really different from anything I know. If you intend to buy a second hand machine be sure it comes with the mains cable. A very good point concerns the still image feature: here the fan continues cooling the film and the lamp. I don't know any other 8mm projector doing this. If you use a P8 for the first time you will be surprised to notice that the reels turn the "wrong" way round. It does not really matter but you must know it when you load the film.

Manufacturer: Eumig, Vienna, Austria

The P8 series was in production from 1954 to 1964. The P8m started in 1960.

Lens: Eumig Eupronar 1,4 / 20mm

Bulb: 12V, 100W, Ba21s4 (Osram 58.8107)

Forward, backward and still image review.

Frame rates: approx. 8 ... 24 fps.

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