What a wonderful piece of machinery of the pre-war period!

The item on the left of the projector is a resistor which was required to adapt the device, basically designed for 110 V, to the 220 V grid. In those days different voltages in each town were not unusual and mostly it was DC. Therefore transformers could not be used, only resistors could do the job equally on AC and on DC grids. Later devices mostly had the resistors integrated (e.g. Zeiss Ikon Movilux or VEB Pentacon P8). As of 1950/1955 AC grids were in place practically everywhere and, as a consequence, electric devices came with built-in transformers.

Format: Normal-8

Housing: aluminium alloy (die-cast)

Sales start: 1938

Lens: (no details available)

Bulb: 110V, 250W, socket P28s

Variable frame rates and still image

11 bearings have to be provided with fresh oil from time to time. All are marked with a little red dot. Those which are located inside the mechanism get the oil droplets through small tubes from the top of the projector. Thus servicing did not necessarily require opening the back cover. Easy, isn't it?