LEITZ Leicina 8S


 Leitz, the traditional builder of photo cameras, started later than its competitors with amateur movie cameras (1960). To my knowledge, the Leicina 8S was one of the first ones. It was, however, from the start a very modern camera: electric drive, automatic exposure, SLR finder and a smart and very compact design.

Manufacturer: Ernst Leitz, Wetzlar, Germany

Launched in 1960

Format: 2 x 8 mm

Body in cast aluminium, grey finish, folding grip in white plastic.

Lens set: Leitz Dygon 2 / 15 mm and a wide angle adapter reducing the focal length to 9mm.

Electric drive (requires 4 AA type batteries)

Automatic exposure (requires PX13 battery)

Frame rate: 16 fps and single frame

Electric back winding