WEB-Sites dealing with Classic Cine and Photo Equipment


Michael Rogge's List of more than 4000 cameras, projectors etc.
A  REFERENCE  for everything before 1965 (before Super8).

Kamera Museum Tauber    <--  Excellent!!


 Medien-Museum (German)   <--  Very interesting!


 NIZO Company History (English and German)


 BEAULIEU  ·  L'histoire de la société  (French)


 BOLEX Collector (English)

ZEISS-IKON presented by Klaus-Eckard Riess


EUMIG Firmengeschichte (German)

WIRGIN History (Edixa etc.)

Edixa Reflex

IHAGEE History (English)


Documentation de Gilles Moreau sur les fabricants du lyonnais: Fex-Indo, Bolex, Blanchard et Jourjon, Christen, Crouzet, Heurtier, SEM, ... (French)

Site de Pierre Gauriat dédié au format 9,5 mm (French and English)


 A wealth of excellent information. Not really limited to the Super8 size (German and English)

Lots of info about EUGEN BAUER projectors and about some more premium brands (German)


 Jordi Viader Riera's Camera Collection (English, Spanish, Catalan)


Gabriele's OTTOMILLIMETRI (cine camera collection, explanations in Italian)


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