Noris 8D


NORIS is the brand that the small German company Ernst Plank (Nürnberg) gave, after an important restructuring in 1934, to most of its products. During its activities lasting for more than 100 years (1866 to +/-1980) Plank has produced a big variety of cine projectors (35mm, 16mm, 9,5mm, 8mm, Super-8). Cameras, however, were built only very exceptionally. To my knowledge there was only the Noris 8-D for the 2x8 format, launched in 1955 (see photo). A variant with a built in light meter was brought to production 4 years later.

Solid body in cast aluminium. Hammertite enamel contrasting with polished aluminium elements.

Clockwork motor

Lens: Isco Göttingen Westarit 1:2,5 / 12,5mm (D-mount)

8 frame rates from 8 to 48 fps, single frame

Back winding