PATHE National II (9,5mm)


This is by now the only item in my collection for 9,5-mm film. Please note that this camera is not larger than most of the 8mm cameras of that time. The image size, however, is almost 4 times that of the 8mm standard!

Manufacturer: Pathé Frères, Paris

Production start: 1948

9,5 mm film in Pathex "Type H" chargers.

Body of cast aluminium, covered with wrinkle enamel.

Lens: SOM Berthiot Cinor C  1:1,9   f=20 mm, exchangeable.

Optical view-finder with a smaller frame indicating the vision of a telephoto lens (50 mm) and switchable enlarged view for the use of a wide angular lens (10 mm). Correction of the parallax error (3 positions).

Frame rates: 8, 16, 24, 32 fps and single frame.