The Edixa were the only real 35mm SLR system cameras made in Western Germany. Other cameras of that (extremely versatile) type were the Exa, Exakta and Praktica series made in Eastern Germany. System camera means that not only a vast choice of lenses is available but that the viewing system also can be adapted to varying requirements: focusing hood vs. penta prism, groundglass vs. crossed hair etc.) The designer of these cameras was Heinz Waaske.

Manufacturer: Gebr. Wirgin, Wiesbaden

Production period: 1956 - 1959

Lens mount: M42 standard thread.
The Edixa cameras were mostly fitted with lenses from Schneider, Isco, and Schacht. In addition, thanks to the M42 standard threat, there were at least 10 more brands worldwide to choose from. (the choice for my photo is not a very common one, it stands for excellent East-West cooperation!)

Focal plane shutter (fabric) 1 to 1/1000 sec and B

Internal triggering of the diaphragm