Modern 35mm SLR camera with an electromagnetic focal plane shutter and a broad choice of accessories (electric winder, electric remote release, etc). Since 1972 a cooperation agreement with Carl Zeiss gives access to Zeiss lenses and enables Yashica to sell cameras named 'Contax'. There is evidence that the camera presented here is a very close relative of the 'Contax RTS'. Accessories are interchangeable between both.

Launched in 1976

Format: 24x36 mm (35mm)

Lenses: Contax-RTS mount. Large choice of Zeiss, Contax and Yashica lenses.

Focal plane shutter 1/1000 ... 1 sec and B.

Semi automatic exposure with TTL metering. Battery 6V (4LR44)

Bright view finder with split-image and microprism focusing aids. Full control of aperture and shutter speed in the finder.